"Man prospers. Circumstances dispose."

-- MARK TWAIN (1909, unpublished manuscript)


We are the proud parents of The American Forecaster Almanac, published annually from 1984 through 2006. In book form, The American Forecaster Almanac provided concise insight into consumer and business trends, from automobile tires to zoning, with unbiased perspective. Our audience included research departments at major corporations, trade organizations, libraries, universities, consumers, and the media. Though primarily a print publication, The American Forecaster Almanac was also a pioneer in digital text, producing multiple editions on disc; we also led the way in print-on-demand publishing.

In 2009, the American Forecaster published Eat In/Eat Out, a 48-page magazine in print format that focused on a broad range of industry niches involved with food -- restaurants, grocery stores, packaging, consumer food trends, and related issues. Since then, the American Forecaster has moved into stealth mode, observing, researching, and reporting on consumer trends -- primarily the food and beverage industries, publishing, and retail -- to a select group of companies and consultants. We also provide background, perspective, and reporting to local and national media. Because of the expense and time required to publish, we no longer produce The American Forecaster Almanac but will occasionally generate special reports on a variety of projects, such as End of Life. Click through to find out more.